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August 31, 2012
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Time Twilight by Foxy-Noxy Time Twilight by Foxy-Noxy
I feel bad for Twilight. I've shown her crazy rage side, her oblivious over intelligent side, and now her crazy neurotic side. Normal Twilight in a comic ever? Mehbeh.

Why did her books turn from their original location in frame 1?

Best explanations for why this comic is happening:

:icondcarrier: "Everypony was pretty sad when all the library books were stolen. Luckily, the Flim Flam brothers came along with a new invention just in time: the television."

:iconredscomedy: "Well it's sort of the same paradox as in It's about Time. Twilight got to her past self and stole her books thus present Twi becomes crazy Twi out of boredom and goes crazy stealing all her books from herself. But something had to happen to trigger one Twi to go steal her own books. There had to be some beginning, because Twi couldn't go crazy without one crazy Twi already in existence to come and steal her books... "

:iconfoxy-noxy: I think we can all agree that Twilight should stop causing paradoxes with herself...

More time travelling Twilight comics:

Vectors I made:
"Poof" [link]

Vectors I modified:
"Twilight Reading - Season 2 Poster" by Takua770:[link]
"AUUUUGH" by Somepony: [link]
"GNNNNHHH" by CloudshadeZer0: [link]
"Crazy Twilight" by Ackdari: [link]
"Vector: Twilight Crazyface v2" by Fennrick: [link]
"Me Gusta" by Felix-KoT: [link]
"Shocked Twilight" by Yanoda: [link]
"Shocked Twilight" by nickman983: [link]
"Twilight Sparkle Grind Vector" by Gameguy001: [link]
"Twilight Sparkle Isn't Happy" by sorata-daidouji: [link]

Huge thanks to The-Smiling-Pony for including an SVG file in his background.
"Library main room background" by The-Smiling-Pony: [link]
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