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Nightmare Noon - Part 4 by Foxy-Noxy Nightmare Noon - Part 4 by Foxy-Noxy
This is part four of four.
Part 1 | Part 2| Part 3| Part 4

Go vote in my poll as to which of my costumes is your favorite! [link]
.PSD available if you wish to do a translation of this comic! [link]

Pinkie's "tongue" is part of the costume.
I'm not sure how worldly the Nickelodeon show Invader Zim is, but "Gir" is the "dog" that Pinkie's costume is modelled after.

Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. It's finally done. Happy Halloween everyone! I had to split this into separate parts because it exceeded the filesize limit. O.o

These credits are for the series as a whole.

Method: Pencil & Paper, Inkscape, Photoshop CS5.

Vectors I created for this:
Flutterbunny (4)
Doctor Frankenpony's Monster (6)
Pinkie Girpie (6)
Ninja Dash (12)
Raritymallow (3)
Twibook Sparkle (2)
All background vectors excluding "Fluttershy's Cottage" by iOVERD [link] and "Far Off Billboarded Trees" by Swivel-Zimber [link] are original by me.

Vectors I modified:

"Rarity - Angry Walk" by Delphince: [link]
"Rarity Yell" by OhItIsOn: [link]
"Rarity - Elegance" by Quanno3: [link]
"Rarity is not amused" by Dharthez: [link]
"Rarity, Snooty Mode Activated" by Kittita: [link]
"Rarity - It Is On!" by TheFlutterKnight: [link]
"-RarityScream-" by DraikJack: [link]
"Rarity - It is on!" by TheFlutterKnight: [link]
"My Little Vector - Rarity" by Rudahn: [link]
"Rarity - Why you!" by Santafer: [link]
"Rarity's Roots" PsychoanalyticalBrony: [link]
"Rarity - Oh No You Didn't" by BlindCaveSalamander: [link]
"Excited Rarity" by nickman983: [link]
"Rarity getting rejected" by RedPandaPony: [link]
"Part 3 - Rarity" by Ambassad0r: [link]
"Eh… Wat?" by Sarcoptess: [link]
"Twilight Unimpressed" by Geogo999: [link]
"Poo Dance Floor - Twilight Pleased" by Koprchris: [link]
"Sad Twilight is Sad" by Cthulhuandyou: [link]
"Twilight Sparkle Vector" by Craftybrony: [link]
"Rainbow Dash - Surprised" by Hawk9mm: [link]
"Rainbow Dash - Everypony loves me" by Austiniousi: [link]
"Rainbow Dash Vector - Um, Sorry…" by Anxet: [link]

:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz::iconsaysplz: My Little Pony and all characters involved are copyright Hasbro & Lauren Faust.
:icondancinggirplz::iconsaysplz:Except Gir, who is copyright Nickelodeon and Jhonen C. Vasquez.

Fonts used are Suplexmentary Comic NC & BDCartoonShout.
Created with Inkscape and Photoshop.

If I failed to credit anyone properly please tell me so that I can add them to the credits.
Very funny idea, Well designed costumes (and funny concepts xD), and good time to show it up!
1. I think i speak for a lot of us when i say: I lost at Marshmallow Rarity/Rarity is best Marshmallow/OMG Marshmallow Rarity or whatever, not so original but reaaaally cool and funny xD
Specially interesting when you consider that it was picked by 4th-wall-breaker Pinkie Pie(perhaps she knew about us redefinitions of pony and marshmallow). Also Gir Pie??? Freaking GENIOUS!!
The rest of the costumes were really cool too, Frankenapple, Egghe- i mean Twilight's Book, Fluttermouse(:icondaawplz:D'aaaww), Shadowdash.
2. Well designed backgrounds and well picked vectors, nice designed in general.
3. Seriously, i can't get over Gir Pie!! RIP 4th wall!!
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October 28, 2012
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