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Nightmare Noon - Part 2 by Foxy-Noxy Nightmare Noon - Part 2 by Foxy-Noxy
This is part two of four.
Part 1 | Part 2| Part 3| Part 4

Go vote in my poll as to which of my costumes is your favorite! [link]
.PSD available if you wish to do a translation of this comic! [link]

Just go to the next part ;)

Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. It's finally done. Happy Halloween everyone! I had to split this into separate parts because it exceeded the filesize limit. O.o

These credits are for the series as a whole.

Method: Pencil & Paper, Inkscape, Photoshop CS5.

Vectors I created for this:
Flutterbunny (4)
Doctor Frankenpony's Monster (6)
Pinkie Girpie (6)
Ninja Dash (12)
Raritymallow (3)
Twibook Sparkle (2)
All background vectors excluding "Fluttershy's Cottage" by iOVERD [link] and "Far Off Billboarded Trees" by Swivel-Zimber [link] are original by me.

Vectors I modified:

"Rarity - Angry Walk" by Delphince: [link]
"Rarity Yell" by OhItIsOn: [link]
"Rarity - Elegance" by Quanno3: [link]
"Rarity is not amused" by Dharthez: [link]
"Rarity, Snooty Mode Activated" by Kittita: [link]
"Rarity - It Is On!" by TheFlutterKnight: [link]
"-RarityScream-" by DraikJack: [link]
"Rarity - It is on!" by TheFlutterKnight: [link]
"My Little Vector - Rarity" by Rudahn: [link]
"Rarity - Why you!" by Santafer: [link]
"Rarity's Roots" PsychoanalyticalBrony: [link]
"Rarity - Oh No You Didn't" by BlindCaveSalamander: [link]
"Excited Rarity" by nickman983: [link]
"Rarity getting rejected" by RedPandaPony: [link]
"Part 3 - Rarity" by Ambassad0r: [link]
"Eh… Wat?" by Sarcoptess: [link]
"Twilight Unimpressed" by Geogo999: [link]
"Poo Dance Floor - Twilight Pleased" by Koprchris: [link]
"Sad Twilight is Sad" by Cthulhuandyou: [link]
"Twilight Sparkle Vector" by Craftybrony: [link]
"Rainbow Dash - Surprised" by Hawk9mm: [link]
"Rainbow Dash - Everypony loves me" by Austiniousi: [link]
"Rainbow Dash Vector - Um, Sorry…" by Anxet: [link]

:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz::iconsaysplz: My Little Pony and all characters involved are copyright Hasbro & Lauren Faust.

Fonts used are Suplexmentary Comic NC & BDCartoonShout.
Created with Inkscape and Photoshop.

If I failed to credit anyone properly please tell me so that I can add them to the credits.
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October 28, 2012
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