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Mountainside Monologue Part 3 by Foxy-Noxy Mountainside Monologue Part 3 by Foxy-Noxy
This is part THREE.
Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: Here
Part 4: It's coming!
Part 5: Part four isn't even out yet. D:<

And THAT is why this took a month to make. That is 187 layers of pony madness. Also, I Just found out that pixel limit is 18,000 pixels in either direction. Luckily I was able to some last minute ramifications do address the situation.

I feel like these are the kind of things Pinkie Pie would go hysterical about.

Twilight didn't hear Fluttershy's whispering yay woosh because it was a whisper of course!

Anyone wondering about the formation of plateaus that Twilight is spewing about but can't read because of the stylistic choice I chose? Here you are! "Plateaus can be formed by a number of processes, including upwelling of volcanic magma, extrusion of lava, and erosion by water and glaciers. Magma rises from the mantle causing the ground to swell upward, in this way large, flat areas of rock are uplifted. Plateaus can also be built up by lava spreading outward from cracks and weak areas in the crust. Plateaus can also be formed by the erosional processes of glaciers on mountain ranges, leaving them sitting between the mountain ranges. Water can also erode mountains and other landforms down into plateaus."

EDIT: Typo... -__-
EDIT EDIT: Typo... -______-
EDIT EDIT EDIT: Added Mrs Cake's butt stamp.
EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: Type ... Oh... -___________-
EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: TYPO. -____________________-
EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: Added a little ... Uhh, derp. I meant to before I published but apparently I derped that situation.
EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: (Believe it or not I DID proofread this like one billion times.) ...Added a butt stamp that I missed on Fluttershy.

Vectors I created for this comic:
All background art excluding trees and clouds.
[link] [link] [link] & [link]

Flutterbomb: [link]
Flutterbomb 2: [link]
Pinkie Push: [link]
"That Seems Like a Bad Idea": [link]
"Stick a Cupcake in My Eye!": [link]
"Mrs. Cake": [link]
"Flutterflies": [link]
"The Whispering Yay Woosh": [link]

SVG's are available in each of their respective pages.

Vectors I modified:

"Twismug" by Ambits: [link]
"Twilight not Bowing" by pokerface3699: [link]
"Rarity is Grumpy" by Tim015: [link]
"Sad Pinkie Pie" by Dharthez: [link]
"Pinkie Cry" by bednarowski: [link]
"Sugarcube Corner Lobby" by Firestorm-CAN: [link]
"B-but… My bag is missing…." by ChemicOwl: [link]
"Something made Pinkie cry… feels bad man" by randomtmcr: [link]
"Main Six - Full Magic Jacket" by MysteriousKaos: [link]
"Maybe we can be wagon buddies [Also animated]" by 404complaint: [link]
"Sad Fluttershy" by andy18: [link]
"Pinkie Pie Element of Laughter" by BlindCaveSalamander: [link]
"Pinkie Pie" by Peachspices: [link]
"Cupcakes, candies, pies, oh my" by Unfiltered-N:[link]
"Pinkie's Jam" by YellowFireYoshi: [link]
"Pinkie Pie - Thinking" by Waranto: [link]
"Pinkie Pie - There's a what behind me?" by RedPandaPony: [link]
"Pinkiepie Walk left" by ABadCookie: [link]
"Pinkie Pie: Falling down" by kooner-cz: [link]
"Fluttershy Frustrated" by datNaro: [link]
"Sad Fluttershy" by anitech: [link]
"Run Fluttershy" by WaterTribeKayla: [link]
"Fluttershy Diving Down" by Pangbot: [link]
"Pinkie Takin' a Load Off" by Shryquill: [link]
"Spike01" by ZuTheSkunk: [link]
"Ponyville Road Side View" by Bones Wolbach [link]
"Pinkie Pie "Tripping"" by JunkiesNewb: [link]
"Fluttershocked" by Vexorb: [link]
"Rarity's Roots" by PsychoanalyticBrony: [link]
"Spike 2" by bednarowski: [link]
"Rarity - Awe" by cptofthefriendship: [link]
"Smiling Twilight Sparkle" by Jakkb: [link]
"Fluttershy is Not Impressed" by mamandil: [link]
"Derpy" by JunglePony: [link]

:iconhasbroplz::iconsaysplz: My Little Pony and all characters involved are copyright Hasbro.

Fonts used are Suplexmentary Comic NC & BDCartoonShout.
Created with Inkscape and Photoshop.

If I failed to credit anyone properly please tell me so that I can add them to the credits.
Wow. You really captured the essence of all of the characters included in this comic. Using vectors to make it show-like definitely made the story flow much better with the visual elements. I loved the way you made Twilight so adorkably oblivious.

The humor and dialogue is all top notch. All of the characters say and do exactly what they would do in such a setting. The facial expressions also do a lot to convey what's being told in the comic.

Overall, my only suggestion is to update more frequently. I hate to be kept waiting for series of this caliber and I can't wait to see what happens next!
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You show a lot of creative potential. While from a mechanics standpoint there is nothing wrong, the execution can always be perfected. You have done this exceptionally well in each comic and have improved greatly. My only critique is to try and shorten what Twilight is saying or find a way to spread out the words. Its easy to loose your place when she is talking. And as for the rest of the words I need to get to the 100 word minimum. I have this to say.
4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
God bless 21 Jump Street
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