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August 16, 2012
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Mountainside Monologue Part 2 by Foxy-Noxy Mountainside Monologue Part 2 by Foxy-Noxy
Mountainside Monologue series:
Part 1: [link]
Part 2: Here
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: Sometime after part 3.
Part 5: Probably not for a while.

It's finally done!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Twilight continues to be an oblivious egghead. XD

So much work has gone into this. Please let me know what you think.

I read all my comments even if I don't reply, please keep that in mind.

Vote for the characters you want to see in part three! [link]

EDIT: Forgot to credit something.


Vectors I made:
"Mountain": [link] and all other background images.
"Oooooooh (Teaser): [link]
"Gem Diggin' Spikeapede": [link]
"Spike in Awe": [link]
"Spike in Awe 2": [link]
"Spike Walking": [link]
"Big Blue": [link]

Vectors I modified:
"Spike" by Hawk9mm: [link]
"Praying Spike" by jrrhack: [link]

Vectors I used:
"Twilight Sparkle Vector?" by Dina-Di: [link]
"Twilight Intrigued" by BronyBoy: [link]
"Rarity Looking Darling (clipping fix)" by homeletmoo: [link]
"Rarity - So Close" by greasers: [link]
"Gem Hunting Rarity" by FlutterWry95: [link]
"Challenge Accepted" by llonis: [link]
"Spike 2" by bednarowski: [link]
"Rarity is Bored Vector" by Takua770: [link]
"Happy Rarity" by MrShadeZz: [link]
"Rarity - Run!" by Quanno3: [link]
"Rarity 1" by xpesifeindx: [link]
"Depressed Spike" by DaringDashie: [link]
"Radiant Rarity" by mindnomad: [link]
"Like a Sunday morning…" by Dharthez: [link]
"A Worried Dragon" by jonnydash: [link]
"Spike is Proud Vector" by Kyute-Kitsune: [link]
"Twilight is Happy" by nickman983: [link]
"Spike is not Amused" by tamalestyatole: [link]
"Rarity Angry" by Geogo999: [link]
"Derpy Says, 'Derp'" by Are-You-Jealous: [link]

Background vectors:
"Vector - Sun" by MisterAibo: [link]
"Screw Studying" by BonesWolbach: [link]
"Twilight Sparkle (Reading on the Go)" by DrFatalChunk: [link]

Fonts used are Suplexmentary Comic NC & BDCartoonShout
MLP and all characters involved are (C) Hasbro/Lauren Faust.

If I failed to credit anyone properly, please contact me.
I find this comic to be wonderful, along with the first one. It's funny, creative, and it makes sense! Twilight lecturing. Rainbow playing around. Spike doing almost anything Rarity asks. It's "ethical" as Twilight would say.

The art is wonderful. It all just fits nicely, creating this wonderful comic!

I just was thinking one tiny thing-it's not exactly "surprising". Everybody knows Rarity might be hunting for gems. Twi will obviously be lecturing.

But, this is a otherwise fantastic comic, and I look forward to reading the other parts when done! I would be extremely proud if this were my work- absolutely FABULOUS!!
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