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Mountainside Monologue Part 1 by Foxy-Noxy Mountainside Monologue Part 1 by Foxy-Noxy
Mountainside Monologue Series:
Part 1: Here
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: Sometime after part 3.
Part 5: Probably not for a while.


Edit: Fixed Spike's miscolouring, added title in the first frame
Edit 2: Added shadows to characters in first frame.


Here's part one! The next three parts will focus on Rainbow and Applejack, Pinkie and Fluttershy, and Spike and Rarity. I haven't decided the order of which they'll come yet, but their individual stories are quite fun as well! And then we'll wrap the series up with Twilight and everybody together again! :3

What pair would you like to see i part two? Go vote in my poll here: [link]

I am aware that Spike's colour fluctuates between some panels, unfortunately I can't fix that while on my work computer. But I don't think it's that big of a deal to postpone releasing this.






Original vectors:
"Angry Hatless AJ" (frame 5)

Vectors I modified:
"Twilight Sparkle Noted" by decompressor: [link]
"Shocked Rainbow Dash Vector" by scrimpeh: [link]
"Pinkie Pie is Pleased" by Flizzick: [link]
"Spike01" by ZuTheSkunk: [link]
"Rarity Charming" by Quanno3: [link]

Vectors I used:
"Happy Applejack Vector" by hombre0: [link]
"Seriously?" by Stinkehund: [link]
"Rarity is Not Amused" by Takua770: [link]
"Fluttershy Sitting" by Sulyo: [link]
"Pinkie Pie MLP:FiM Oh The Wonders" by Alecza1234: [link]
"Applejack in Perplexity" by Felix-KoT: [link]
"How Much Longer 'Till Season 3??" by flutterguy317: [link]
"Scared Fluttershy" by Proenix: [link]
"Pinkie Team 5" by PewDie-Pie: [link]
"Intellectual Twilight" by DawnMistPony: [link]
"MOAR ILLUSTRATOR VECTOR - Twilight Sparkle" by aeroyTechyon-X: [link]
"Pulling Fluttershy" by ColdBologna: [link]
"Applejack Surprised" by Proenix: [link]
"Rainbow Dash" by Bl1ghtmare: [link]
"Rainbow Dash Flying Vector" by Scrimpeh: [link]
"Hatless Applejack (Looking Particularly Shocked)" by DrFatalChunk: [link]
"Twilight Smiling" by BlondeauJ: [link]
"Twilight Was Right" by ThatsGrotesque: [link]
"Hovering Rainbow Dash" by CrusierPL: [link]
"Spike" by Mindnomad: [link]
"Twilight Sparkle - Have Any Questions?" by JoeMasterPencil: [link]
"Twilight Happy" by jeosadn: [link]

Background art by me.



MLP:FiM and all characters involved above are (C) Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
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July 28, 2012
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