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It's About a Book by Foxy-Noxy It's About a Book by Foxy-Noxy
It's been slow at work lately. Got this done in two days. (Don't tell my boss. XD)

More time travelling Twilight!

What is the book about?

I'll let you all (unofficially) decide in the comments.
Oh I apologize for anyone who just died of a cute overload. ^-^
EDIT: Tweaked a few panels.

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Vectors I made for this:
"Lady Bugs Awake" [link]
"Filly Sprint" [link]
"Step Back, I'm Trying Magic" [link]

Vectors I modified:
"Contented Rarity" by Stabzor: [link]
"Twilight Sparkle is annoyed" by LilCinnamon: [link]
"Twilight Sparkle Suspicious" by Tim015: [link]
"Rarity getting rejected" by RedPandaPony: [link]
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"Ponies Fly By Background" by adcoon: [link]

:iconhasbroplz::iconsaysplz: My Little Pony and all characters involved are copyright Hasbro.

Fonts used are Suplexmentary Comic NC & BDCartoonShout.
Created with Inkscape and Photoshop.

If I failed to credit anyone properly please tell me so that I can add them to the credits.
I'm not really one for words, but I'll try this. This is really cute. And original. I haven't seen , okay barely seen any, travelling comics. Hopefully you make this into a little series... I would love to see more. If not, I don't really see the point... I love the way, even though I know you used vectors, the way you placed them is perfect! (god, my laptop is lagging like hell)

I haven't really seen any Twilight filly around yet, and I just realised how cute Twilight filly is! I love the way you kept the dimensions of each panel small, but so we can still imagine how it would look like as, for example, an episode or so. Overall it was a good artwork and I'm happy to see something cute like this just before the new season starts! Keep up the good work!

What do you think?
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I knew you had some good comic talent in you, but there are still some things I would like to say about this comic. To begin with, once again you didn't have spectacular shading (I guess that wasn't your fault), BUT you never drew attention to it by having large detailed scenes. The difference in individual frame size was a nice variation, made he whole thing much more pleasant, the same goes for the shifts in calligraphy and such. One thing that I didn't like about this is that little twi was just in the middle of a field, and I know that this happens plenty of times in the actual show, but you had a choice of where you were going to put her and it was a place with no time reference or points of interest at all. It's not essential to the cartoon but it is what it is. I do like how you used other pre-made sprites and backgrounds, it does improve the quality of the work and a little collaboration never hurt anybody. I'm excited to see where you go with this one. Best of luck.

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