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Foxy and Boxy by Foxy-Noxy Foxy and Boxy by Foxy-Noxy
Her full name! And her little pet fennec fox, Boxy! Boxy was actually (inadvertently) created for an assignment in one of my classes, but I thought I'd make him my OC's pet! :D

The design of this was inspired by Krowzivitch's OC's page.


I love when people create images of Foxy! if you feel like it, please feel free to. :D :D
This is my first time doing this, so bear with me.

The first thing I noticed about this picture was how unique, and yet stylistically true to the show, your OC's design is. Her bangs are somewhat reminiscent of Rainbow Dash, which comes up a lot with other OCs, but a closer inspection reveals that it's clearly different. I also like how the hind portion of the mane seems to hang down the back. I haven't seen anything like that in other pony designs. I have to wonder what she would look like from behind. Her mane might look like a fish tail of sorts. Maybe this isn't such a big deal with vector art, but I might just want to break up that hind part of the mane with some more lines, and maybe a frayed edge here and there, just to remind us that it is in fact hair.

Your chosen color scheme is very tasteful and elegantly simple. I could easily imagine this character making an appearance on the show. I especially like the “fox tail” design of her tail, with the use of the gradient in the lower half.

I do have a couple of small nitpicks with regards to your fox character. Maybe you made these choices for a reason, but I'll tell you what I'm thinking. The use of the red border around the fuzzy parts of the fox's face seems a bit out of place, especially since the rest of it's coat uses a beige-like color that is just darker than the coat itself. In most cases, the line border is just a darker shade of the base tone, the only exception I can think of off hand being Rainbow Dash's multicolored mane. So I might suggest going with another color for the border around the fox's face. It can still be different from that of the rest of the body, but I do think it should be more similar than the reddish color you've chosen.

Another thing is the fox's head hair and tail. Once again, I like the use of the gradient, but it still looks a bit flat and structureless. I would suggest breaking them up with some internal lines, similar to what you did with Foxy's tail, especially in the case of the fox's tail, in order to make it feel a bit more flowy and “hair-like”. One thing I absolutely DO like about the fox's design is the size of its ears. :)

Those are my thoughts anyway. Again, perhaps you had certain things in mind when you made those choices, or maybe you feel they are not as critical when it comes to vector art, which I am not terribly familiar with.

But those are my impressions. Overall, this is great work. The character and her pet are unique and make a genuine impact. You don't fall into any of the typical “OC traps” that I so often see. Great job, and keep it up. :D
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January 11, 2013
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