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Blindbag Ponies by Foxy-Noxy Blindbag Ponies by Foxy-Noxy
Drawn without looking. I looked to colour, but that doesn't mean I was careful while coloring.
You can see some kind of progression as time went on. I think.

Thanks for everyone who submitted their OC! Sorry if I didn't get to yours, it was first come first serve and I only wanted to spend about an hour(ish) doing this.
Maybe I'll have more blind scribble OC drawing shenanigans in the future!

Yes, I requested critique. Anyone who critiques this in a silly manner gets bonus points*

*points not redeemable.
Okay, let's begin the most constructive critique ever :D

Unfortunately - 0.5 is the lowest score.

I give 0.5 for vision, 'cause you weren't looking at it.

I give 0.5 for originality, 'cause you used other people's OCs.

I give 0.5 for technique, 'cause this looks too much as Egophiliac's style. But I will be constructive - looking at the screen might help you overcome the issue.

I give 5 for the impact. One guy told me he fell off of the chair, laughing at it. And the impact was painful.

And because I've run out of things to write, I will write that I've run out of things to write.
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The sentient Equestrian pony, equus sapiens adorabilis, is known for its diversity and expressiveness. Both male and female variants of the species exhibit unparalleled variety of fur, eye, feather, hoof and horn colour and remarkable capacity for displaying emotion in multiple ways, employing their noses, mouths, ears, tails, body movements and poses and even manes.

One of the sentient Equestrian pony's most impressive abilities is its ability to handle items of all size with dexterity and agility normally seen in species with hands and opposable thumbs, but only using their mouths, a form of telekinetic manipulation and, with the use of an as of yet unidentified mechanism, their hooves. Members of the species are capable of handling objects and equipment designed for humans as easily and proficiently as their intended users despite the drastic difference in their physical makeup. The current scientific consensus on the matter states that this is a result of conscious and prolonged efforts undertaken by each pony to achieve such feats.

Among the members of equus sapiens adorabilis, arts have found a lot of appreciation. However, it is important to note, not all of them are artistically inclined. Many of those who do practice the fine arts start out young, and sometimes have unusual ways of handling the chosen tools of their trade. For instance, a certain individual pursuing their calling in visual arts has been observed using a selection of brushes and paints handled in a way that completely obscured their field of view, which, surprisingly, still resulted in some likeness of the subject of their work.
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May 18, 2013
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